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"A sanctified can of Red Bull!"    


                President of Dealey Media




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Liz Morris is the most engaging and fascinating speaker I’ve heard in a long time and is sure to become one of the most sought-after keynote speakers on the planet! She is well-regarded a top personality, destiny identifier, and people expert . . . her powerful presentations are energizing, stimulating and teach some of the most timely topics for my business and personal life that I have ever heard.”                                                                            


                                                                                                        President of Medbooks



“Liz made a huge impact on our students. Our student leadership class is voluntary and not one young person stopped attending her class. In their feedback they used words and phrases like, the real deal, very interesting, and committed to helping us find our destiny. We will definitely have her back to teach and lead our students again."

                                                            SLI assistant at PCA 



“Definitely some of the most informative advice about the personality identifiers of our employees and our potential new hires we have ever heard. We are doctors of medicine but she truly is  "The Personality Doctor."

                Dr. Cory Rice and Dr. Carol Villanueva, Forney Wellness                                       


Amaon Blue Best Selling AuthorRelevant Keynote Speaker,

Teenager and Young Adult Advocate, & Best Selling Author


Whether you are a High School, College, University, Church, Business or Non-Profit, you need a speaker or educator who is cutting edge, down to earth, astute in business ethics and an unprecedented builder of people -- you rely on Liz Morris. A complete mixture of business/life psychology, spiritual leadership and personality identifiers is what makes her so interesting and profound.



1 – A certified expert in personality, change and communication for Millennials



Liz has spent years studying some of the most powerful leaders in the world, and has discovered the core behaviors that lead to sustainable results and lasting success. These distinctions have enabled her to develop the Celebrity Destiny™ Identifier that provides significant information for people of any age or occupation. Her current work with celebrities is allowing her to make a huge impact on Millennials. 


She is currently a BEST SELLING author of the young adult  novel,  SEEKERS, as seen on FOX News, ABC, NBC and CBS. Her newest  eBook, The Millennial Connection: A Generation in Crisis, will be released in October. This Millennial eBook is the key to finding out what this generation is lacking.



Seekers BookMillennial eBook



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2   Unrivaled energy, fantastic current topics and shocking stastistics to ignite your event

There's a reason she's called a "sanctified can of Red Bull." There are many best-selling authors and motivational speakers, but there are very few keynote speakers who combine both business acumen and spiritual wisdom with key personality and destiny identifiers. Her high energy, passion and ability to mesmerize an audience will make your event unforgettable. Anyone who can keep the attention of Millennials is saying something interesting.


 7 Reasons People Call: "The Personality Doctor"

3 – Fresh, disruptive content that's customizable & engaging  


Destiny Day for Millennials (customizable) 

  • Destiny Day is for individuals, groups, schools, universities, youth groups, camps, or, one on ones. 
  • Each person is matched with famous celebrities who have the exact same destiny identifiers, so they can see their potential is like someone famous.  
  • They will walk away with the understanding of who they are, what they are born to do, and how to make their relatiosnhips work. 
  • They will be given their Destiny Job Identifiers so they will know exactly what occupations they are best suited for. 
  • They will leave knowing how and why they should obey authority, and parents will see a change immediately. 
  • They will finally understand why rules are there to protect them not hinder them, why emotions and feelings can lead them down the wrong path, and why doing it their way may not always be the right way, but the right way is inside them waiting to be discovered. 
  • Schedule a Destiny Day for your teenagers NOW! 

Most-Popular Topics for Keynotes (Customizable)
 A Game Changing Life -
Rapid Prototyping Your Alternate Future
 Exploiting Chaos - How to Thrive During Times of Change
 Making Millennials Happy – Understanding What Makes This Generation Tick
 Losses & Let Downs - The 7 Patterns of Opportunity & Life-Altering Assumptions

Specific Topics
 Infectious Communication - Push Harder, Change Sooner, Act Faster, Live Better
 Conservative Obsession - Creating a Biblical Cultural Connection With All People
 Supernatural Explosion – Is God Really WHO He says He is?
 Millennial Improvement – The Most-Entrepreneurial Generation in History


Upcoming Millennial Online Product:
Launch Yourself Academy, Game-Changing Workshops and upcoming online courses


Actionable takeaways, stimulating homework and critical next steps

The legendary strategist Peter Drucker used to say, "It's not the questions that change, but the answers that do." So what is it exactly that you need to do next? Liz will inspire you with how to adapt faster and change sooner. Then, she'll give you a series of actionable next steps including 12 mission-critical questions that you can use to re-examine your own life and career to unlock your full potential,faster.


5 –Cutting edge insight and what we should focus on next


Many speakers and award-winning authors lack real world experience. Not only has Liz run a million dollar business,  advised on corporate advisory councils and a non-profit board, run a cutting edge women's business mastermind commission, but she has studied the scripture and its principles for having a successful life for many, many years.


For the last five years, she has been blessed to spend numerous hours in prayer, studying the Bible, and intense private worship to prepare for what this generation of young people need and are looking for. This is truly a God given calling, purpose, and anointing . . . you don't want your young people to miss.


Has the "brand" of the Bible suffered or significantly shifted among young adults? Liz has the answers they MUST hear.


6 – A glimpse into the future with examples that are actually thought provoking


Liz’s innovative and cutting edge research on Millennials provides youth with real life decision making processes and strategic mindsets on how to overcome life's hardest challenges. Expect to learn using real life examples that are uplifting, heartwarming, interactive and inspiring.


7 – Game-changing Celebrity Destiny™ identity personality workshops to reinvent your potential


This is not the same old stuff. This information is going to become a social phenonmenom among Millennials because of its scholarly research agenda grown out of a heightened awareness of the Millennial disconnect. The reinvention workshop material used in Liz's Destiny Day™ will give young people a new way of thinking about their destiny.


Corporate Leadership teams, Schools, Women’s Conferences, Youth Conferences, Christian Non-Profit’s, Marriage Conferences and even moms and dads rely on Liz’s personality keynotes with reinvention workshops to help guide them personally, professionally and relationally.



Sean Grover, LCSW, and leading child development expert who maintains one of the largest private group therapy practices in the U.S. says, "Nothing is more powerful than providing your child with a positive relationship with an adult who inspires and motivates them. An uplifting teacher, a cheering coach, an aunt, uncle, or family friend that believes in him — these positive relationships have the power to turn around problematic behaviors overnight. Young people internalize an adult’s confidence in them; they feel reassured and hopeful about themselves; their future is brighter and sense of purpose is clearer because they have someone outside the orbit of their family that believes in them." Sean Grover


That is the mission of Liz Morris, The Personality Doctor and her Destiny Day curriculum.


"My goal in life is to help as many young people as I can live happier, healthier, and productive lives by providing positive reinforcement of who they were created to be and what they are created to do. I teach them all they were born on purpose, with a purpose, and for a purpose. Now let's find it, expand it, perfect it, and take it to the world so you can make a difference in the lives of others."Personality Doctor 


  Liz Morris,




Feedback from More Clients:



"Liz's leadership and expertise coupled with her ability to connect with this generation is unparrelled. I have never seen such an ability to talk about spiritual things and have every young person on the edge of their seat. Boys and girls alike it doesn't matter, her direct yet sincere approach reaches out and grabs these Millennials by their heart, their mind and their cultural realities of today. Because she understands how each of the seven destiny identifies thinks, she rolls right into their minds and blows their misconstrued thinking right out the door. Texas style. Get her on your calendar NOW." Shuronda S., Life Coach



“Liz is one of the best in the business” Robin C.



“She motivates you differently than others and makes you take a deep look at yourself and inspires you to want to change” Josh C.



“She helps you discover what you were born to do” Cory M.



“The students at our school call her Momma Morris. Why? Because she presents life in a way that is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! super- "above", cali- "beauty", fragilistic- "delicate", expiali- "to atone", and -docious "educable", with the sum of these parts signifying roughly "Atoning for educability through delicate beauty." She gets us and we receive it from her. Amanda P.



“She prods you forward in your current relationships and shows you how to better manage them” Brenda R.



“Liz helped me to understand who I am and that I no longer have to worry about what others think of me. She truly helped me see life differently.” Ta’Drieon W.


“If you want honest feedback, tough questions that make you look deep within, and the chance to change your life substantially, invite Liz Morris to speak. Then call me and thank me. Joesph N.



“I can’t even put into words how much Liz's advice changed my life. My husband and I were destined for divorce. I felt betrayed, isolated and alone. I reached out and because of the sound wisdom and instruction I received, my marriage was saved. Through a series of assessments we were given I also learned that we are opposites in areas that were important to know and benefit from, and we were alike in areas that now make us one.” N.C.




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"Liz Morris is truly The Personality Doctor. The minute she began to speak we were hooked. Her advice about our employees, clients, and partners, not only enabled us to better understand how they think and perceive us, but she helped bridge the gap where there was tension in several relationships."

Adia Capital, John S.


Definitely some of the most informative advice about the personality identifiers of our employees and our potential new hires we have ever heard. We are doctors of medicine but she truly is  "The Personality Doctor."


Dr.'s at Forney Wellness


 “Every parent, teacher, boss, coach, social worker, and youth pastor must wake up to the sobering image of what could happen to our society if we don’t change the way we relate to today’s teens and young adults. Liz Morris is not a question of IF you should invite to her to speak, but WHEN?”


John D. PhD 


We need an indispensable resource for our teens facing today’s overwhelming challenges. One of clear thinking, spiritual wisdom, and much needed hope and help for those who are living on the edge. She is what I would call the cutting edge Personality Doctor for today!"

John B. Ph.D, MD


Our children are battling greater social pressures than ever. With access to the world in the palms of their hands, every child is exposed to the good, the bad and the ugly of the entire world, whether they want to be or not.  All this connectivity yet they are the most disconnected generation in history. They (and we!) need a way to connect, really connect, to what it right and true and real. Liz Morris' insight and material is some of the most impactful I have ever seen."

Lee C. Ph.D 


Seekers Small Book 

Seekers, A World Within A World - Best Selling Young Adult Novel. As seen on FOX, ABC, NBC and CBS.

 Millennial book

Millennial Crisis Connection; A Generation in Crisis. This eBook helps parents understand what this generation if facing and the crisis they are truly in.




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