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PowerTalk Productions is leading executives across the world to make a difference in the lives of young people. As visionary leaders and advocates for change, PowerTalk inspires corporate executives to give back to their communities with their own leadership advice and mentorship.

Our mission is to empower socially conscious CEO's and entrepreneurs to transform the world's most pressing problems among teens and young adults . . . depression, hopelessness and suicide.

Our goal is to instill in young people that their time is important, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. We strive to help Millennials seek out what they truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.

By mentoring young people with leadership insight and vision our Dream Team executives will save lives, promote individual purpose, and establish destiny in the lives of Millennials all over the world. Through their own insights, best practices and thought leadership, they will provide hope to the hopeless and the way to make dreams come true.

YOU ALREADY KNOW - Human Capital Investment Affects the Bottom Line

So why not invest in our young people like we do our businesses and affect an entire generation.

PowerTalk Productions is devoted to developing human potential, with our main focus on this generation of Millennials.

If we can influence influencers (community leaders) through gathering, inspiring, connecting and equipping them to become change makers for this generation, then mission accomplished. There is no greater purpose on earth then to serve the younger generation who will one day lead us.

There are even business concerns for Millennials right now . . .

ONE AREA OF CONCERN - Expectations are shifting and the rise of Millennials on the job are presenting new opportunites and obstacles. This is a new challenge for the United States business community. Fifty percent of Fortune 500 companies entry level positions were left unfilled last year because the jump from backpack to briefcase was to big.

Millennials with Icon Faces

How are you going to lead this generation? In order to successfully lead and manage them, you must learn to be a developer of people. You have got to be connected to your employees and start to self-reflect on your position of leadership.

We all know that the value of an organization's people has become the defining difference between good companies and great ones. Where do you stand?

What is somthing that can set you apart as a leader that will bring significant value to your team? What does every employee secretly want from you that you are unaware of?

The answer is simple. To know you, to like you, to believe in you and your vision, to be proud of you and the company they work for, and to have the necessary tools to do their job well. It is NEVER only about the money. It is mostly (almost 100%) about the way you make them feel. The opportunitites you give them to connect with the top. That's the DNA of engagement.

After assessing thousands of people and young people, we have found that most want to be mentored, especially the Millennials. They like a cause. They enjoy a roadmap from their leaders showing them the way. Something tangible to read.

They want to learn about your past, your struggles, your uphill battles, and how you arrived at the top. They want to know the strategy, the plan, because they do have the determination to grow and be effective if given the right information.


We have designed a leadership book which will feature your life story and leadership advice in a few short pages that will not only engage THIS GENERATION, but also your employees, your existing customers, potential clients, suppliers, and everyone in your community.

And lastly, over a third of US CEOs (44%  ) plan to enter a new strategic alliance over the next 12 months. This book will give you access to 39 other CEO's to strategically affiliate market with.

All business strategies must align with a successful culture and engagement strategy to be successful. This is your golden ticket. You want to sustain a highly engaged culture, this is a start. You want access to partnerships, this is your answer.

Let us help you. We are offering you, a chance to be a published leadership expert in our new corporate leadership book, The Dream Team. You along with 39 other CEO's and Presidents will be given the opportunity to lead others by giving them your best leadership advice.

You need to 'POWER UP' your presence now!

By you becoming an author in this book, several new opportunities will arise that you wouldn't have otherwise.

White Microphones

  • It provides you a different media venue in the business community 
  • It will raise employee engagement and awareness 
  • It will give your employess a feeling of being valued and connected to you when you hand them an autograped copy. 
  • It provides you the chance to network and affiliate market with 39 other leaders in the marketplace by advertising the book on their websites, to their employees, potential customers and existing clients 
  • It will give your employees a sense of pride when showing their family and friends 
  • It is a way for your potential clients to learn more about your business, services, and leadership integrity 
  • Hopefully a boost in sales because of the new relationships and public awareness about you and your company 
  • Liz Morris, CEO of PowerTalk will present your leadership book at every high school, university and college she speaks too, as well as conferences, so more publicity and exposure for your company. Another way to market your brand 
  • This will give all NEW employees a chance to wrap their behavior around company culture and style 
  • A chance for young people to hear how you made it and implement your sound wisdom in their own lives  A legacy book to pass down to future employees as well as your family and friends 
  • Provides a press release about the book which gives you more exposure 
  • An easy way for your sales reps to get in the door of potential clients with a free leadership book 
  • An open door to help you form new strategic relationships 
  • A chance to outshine your competition 
  • It will stir up conversation among your employees about the devoted leadership and company they work for 
  • Taking your company from an institution to an inspiration and the list goes on and on . . . 

Share your message. Make a difference. 


 Contact   us NOW to book your appointment for our upcoming book. Deadline is July 15th, 2015. 


Get started now. Don't get left behind.



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"Liz Morris is an exceptionally gifted speaker. I have had the opportunity to hear Liz speak publically several times. Each time I have been overwhelmingly surprised at how much knowledge she has on the subjects she chooses to talk about. Liz is well organized in her approach to her topic of choice, she is passionate and engaging, current and has a great sense of humor. If given the opportunity to hear Liz speak publically again, I would do everything in my power to clear my calendar."

Margie H. –Plano, Texas 


" Liz Morris is truly 'The Personality Doctor' . The minute she opened her mouth we were hooked. Her advice about our employees, clients, and partners has not only enabled us to better understand how they think and perceive us, but she helped bridge the gap where there was tension in several relationships." 

Adia Capital, John S.


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