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What Were "YOU" Born To Do?


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Welcome! I’m Liz Morris.

What were you born to do?    

Do you have an unmistakable map and plan for your future?

Without a clear sense of identity, vision, and purpose, all of us tend to wander aimlessly from plan to plan, from project to project, from  job to job, from hopeful beginning to unfilled promise.

The map of your future...a fantastic, insightful journey into who God created you to be and what he formed you to do. People buy books on purpose, leadership, and destiny, but never seem to find that one main thing.

Is your one main thing clearly identifiable, obvious , and understandable?

Intuitively, you know that faking it won't work; you instinctlvely discern that you must discover your unique, highest, and best pursuit. And it must be linked to who you are and what you value most. Intentional living at its peak.

In these mastermind sessions you will finally receive insights for connecting your calling to a cause bigger than yourself. Igniting the creative spark to burst into a flame when you finally grasp who you were meant to be and what you were born to do. Intentional living at its best.

  • Discover the difference between a mere job and your passion-fueld dream. 
  • Find the answers and practical strategies needed to help you determine your true purpose in life. 
  • Unearth the tools for culvating the focus necessary to rise above your circumstances and mediocrity in order to excel at your true calling. 
  • Uncover your true gifting so you can implement it into your purpose. Your gifts are the prerequisite of everything...you must find out what yours are. 
  • Formulate your life story so you can master your fears in the years ahead and conquer your adversaries. 

Don't let the "what ifs" derail your destiny. Don't allow what others think to destroy your future. Stop allowing those closest to you to control your dreams.

Act Now!

Finding your honest voice in the middle of the madness around you is absolutely critical.


The most powerful gift you possess is an understanding of who you are. Most of us live our entire lives as strangers to ourselves. Our true identity gets buried underneath years of stuff we have come to believe. 

You must find what you were born to do.

I believe God made everyone unique and different and that's why finding your distinct gifts, calling, and purpose is the only key to your complete happiness!


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 Professional Bio

Liz MorrisLiz Morris, a writer, author, personality and gift assessment teacher, and speaker is the CEO of PowerTalk Productions. Heradvanced certifications in the LLI enhanced her passion to help lead others to their "one main thing." She developed and produced the “GIFT” personality profile and works directly with Dr. Dorena DellaVecchio the developer of the “Motivational Gifts Profile” which is a seven scale instrument used to measure your internal gifts. It not only applies to your personal gifting, but is a person-job fit analysis in addition.

She currently writes a daily, "Love Lessons From Liz" devotional sent out to hundreds of subscribers.

She is in the process of publishing a novel called “Seekers”. An action and adventure hallmark for young adults. A must read for anyone who loves apoclyptic suspense stories. This one takes place on the campus of the University of Arizona with some college friends who wind up in the middle of a world disaster nightmare.




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"Liz Morris is an exceptionally gifted speaker. I have had the opportunity to hear Liz speak publically several times. Each time I have been overwhelmingly surprised at how much knowledge she has on the subjects she choose to talk about.  Liz is well organized in her approach to her topic of choice, she is passionate and engaging, current and has a great sense of humor.  It is clear that Liz seeks God’s wisdom and grace in all aspects of her life.  If given the opportunity to hear Liz speak publically again, I would do everything in my power to clear my calendar."

Margie H. –Plano, Texas  

If I were to begin thanking God for the many blessings in my life, Liz would be at the top of my list. From the moment that I met her, I knew she was special. She draws everyone she meets; the young and the old, the faithful and unsure, close to her through her powerful Christian faith. She has a natural ability to teach others and to make them feel the warmth and love of the Lord. Not everyone is able to express their faith in a manner that is contagious and appealing to their audience, but Liz's warmth and compassion is magnetic. Everyone who knows Liz loves her!

Lisa R. - Dallas, Texas